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Betting Calculators

Betting on sports is a popular activity across the globe as many people aim to make huge profits from these events. Interestingly, even with all this attention, there is little emphasis on finding the best odds in the market. Thus, bettors rely on hunches and are unable to tell how much they really would make from wagering their money.

The good thing is that there are sites which offer these services. They enable you to know how much you will make while directing you to the best bonuses in the market. Additionally, they educate you as to how you can convert and calculate odds expressed in American, decimals, or fractions.

Here is what you need to know: Odds are not the same, and they will depend on the region as follows:

Fractional Odds

This form of expression is common in the traditional UK. It is also prevalent in horse racing events across the globe. For people who are new to this form of betting, it helps to know that it allows you to tell your potential profits against your stake. Thus, take an example of ten dollars bet on odds of 4/1. If you emerge the winner, you will take home forty dollars.

Decimal Odds

These odds are standard in the rest of Europe as well as other parts of the world. They are also common in betting exchanges. The difference between these and the fractional odds comes in owing to how they treat the stake. Take the same ten dollars you invested in the fractional odds and use them in odds of 4,00. If you win, you end up with forty dollars, which includes the ten you used to make the wager.

American Odds

These odds are standard in US bookmakers, and they express the amount based on how much you would win. Where the amount is negative, it shows you how much you would need to stake to win a hundred dollars. An excellent example of this would be -150. In this case, you would need to put up $150 to make a hundred dollars in profits. Where the odds are +150, you would put up a hundred dollars to make $150.


Betting calculators enable you to convert the odds from one form to the other. The alternative would be to calculate them yourself. Take an example of decimal to fractional conversion; you would have to take away one and get the closest fraction. A good example would be 3.5. Take away one, and you have 2.5, and the nearest fraction to this would be 5/2. It would be easy to make a mistake in these conversions, and the calculators come in handy in this regard.

Best sites with a betting calculator

Betting Odds Calculator

In this site, you can input the amount you wish to invest as well as the odds in any form. You can then get the results as to how much you would make from the same.

Odds Value Calculator

Here, you can see the probability of winning based on your hunch as well as the amount you would get from the same.

Betting Odds Converter

Suppose you have a problem telling how much you would make as you cannot make heads or tails from the odds, this is the place to be. It allows you to input the odds in any format and convert it into the one which you can understand.

Hedging Calculator

Do you like live bets? If yes, this is a calculator that can tell you how much you need to hedge to ensure that you make good profits.

Lucky 15 Calculator

This calculator enables you to get the most out of 4 singles, four trebles, six doubles, and a four-fold accumulator. It is easy to use as all you do is enter the details and see how much you can win.

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Try one of these calculators today and increase your chances of making a profit.