Online betting websites in usa

Online Betting Sites in the USA: A Story Worth Telling

Understanding sports betting sites in the USA is no easy undertaking. If you are a local then there are a handful of issues we will need to discuss at some length.


Starting with legislation and going through the motions of sports betting, we will familiarize ourselves with such aspects of wagering as licensing, safety, deposits, and the top sportsbooks currently available on the market. We will mention important pieces of law that have had a bearing on the industry and our pockets as sports punters.


The onslaught of novelty betting solutions has also played no small part in reshaping the landscape and strange phenomena as electronic sports are increasingly gaining traction in the United States and paving the way for more conventional versions of wagering.

Licensing 2.0, Legal Betting Sites in the USA

The United States has long been at daggers drawn with sportsbooks. No local contender may qualify as a legal betting site. All the same, legislators have been rallying behind both causes, with some snubbing the whole idea while others having swung firmly behind it to support online betting sites.

Generally speaking, the best betting sites in the USA are not really based in the country. They have licensing from other countries, most likely from the United Kingdom, Gibraltar, and Malta. Having a licensed bookie is quite the leg-up for any aspiring bettor. But let us not quibble over safety, paramount as it is, right now.

Man playing poker
The map ponders the state of affairs and future of poker. The main problem with any form of sports betting and gambling in the United States is the regulation of the online segment

Presently, in the USA as a punter you can plunk down wagers freely as long as the bookie you have chosen is based outside the country. Local players are usually on the receiving end of a crackdown put on by anti-gambling authorities.


However, a silver lining may still be the fact that you would not have to worry much about standing trial over simply exercising your right to bet. Even though it is not exactly legal, the likelihood that anyone would prosecute you over betting money on sports events is slim. The main culprits are the sportsbooks. What a relief.

Staying On The Safe Side With The Best Online Betting Sites In The USA

Now about licensing specifically. We will bet that you know how to tell the underbelly of the betting world. Those would-be top online betting sites in the USA will be quick to garner a licensing, as it is a hallmark of credibility and timely payouts.  The majority of punters readily overlook those telltale signs, which are usually sported at the very bottom of a sportsbooks.

Bookie's website licence
Plunging down to the bottom of a bookie’s website will reveal a bunch of certifications readily available. What do these means?

Your top betting sites in the USA make a display of all their credentials A certification from a gambling authority as well as having completed a reliability test by IBAS or ESSA is about as safe as you get when it boils down to sports betting.

All Systems Go: When Software Matters

Safety and timeliness, and all of this again. The best operators will run on streamlined software. Gone are the clunky engines of faulty software. All hail encryption and reliable data transfer as must-haves.

Do you remember the green padlock next to the website’s name? It is the simplest way to tell if a bookie is of the upright sort.  Handling only the desktop version of the website today will simply not cut it, though. You will not be remiss to ask your operator to pay the same attention to its mobile offers as well, with the segment accounting for over half of all active punters already.

Banking On The Best Betting Sites In The USA

And speaking of money, your money specifically, knowing it is safe is a relief.  Encryption and hasty transactions make a fair bit of that, but they have yet to paint the whole picture. There is no lack of ways to settle your bills online with the bookies if you have come upon one that is well worth your time.

Most such websites do not mince words when it comes to handling your money and there is certainly no lack of payment methods.  The usual suspects are all present, including debit and credit cards, as well as e-Wallets, and mobile payment solutions the likes of ApplePay and Boku. You will also see many offline ways to fund your sports betting account with paysafecard, which can be purchased at a physical vendor.


Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, more specifically Bitcoins, are also popular. Remember how some of the best betting sites in the USA, and elsewhere, will show you their credentials? Well, some of those now try to make the most out of the anonymity cryptocurrency offers and have a neat little Bitcoin logo at the bottom of the webpage to indicate that such transactions are also quite possible.

Stories Of Old – History Is Proof Enough

When you set out to research a new betting den, you will do well to remember that the longer a bookie has been around, the likelier the chances are that it will have some muck on it. Now, that is no bad thing, since the world of sports betting demands sacrifices and the opinions online may range from the genuine bitter-experience of someone with a specific operator down to the biased account of a punter who has been losing for a healthy bit.

This is precisely why a basic research in Google would yield much valuable information about your personal choice.  If there has been any major blemish on a bookie’s reputation, it will be rather easy to pinpoint it. Next, you will need to trace how events penned out, who was at fault, and what did the operator do to make it all go away.

Luckily, your top online betting sites in the USA operating today are pretty much ironclad as they have moved past brushes with users and now are actively pushing for legalizing the segment.

Live Streaming, In-Play and Mobile – Of Making and Breaking The Bookies

Two inseparable features of any bonafide bookie.  In-play betting is readily advertised on most bookies, but there is a fair bit to know about it all the same. This action-packed form of betting requires nerves of steel as well as quick reflexes. Some of the best in the field will offer a quick bet option, which will allow you to plunk down money in the matter of split seconds.

More, you may think that simply having a plump choice of betting options will suffice it. Hardly so, especially if you have failed to acknowledge that live streams, often a part of in-play betting, are delayed. No need to worry, as your reliable bookies will kindly inform you about possible foibles with reception.

Speaking of mobile, the top betting sites in the USA have done a sterling job of forging excellent mobile apps, both for iOS and Android users. But simply creating a reliable and secure app will not cut it. There are other considerations as well, for instance how straightforward it is to download your app.  And again, speed, is of no small importance here. No-one sticks around long enough to be amazed by an otherwise amazing app, which misfires from the getgo.

USA, A Land Of Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS)

The land of the brave defines Daily Fantasy Sports as a game of skill as opposed to hotheaded squandering of one’s savings account.  That is no bad thing. Many arguments have been thrown to support both sides, and while DFS’ legal status may still be quibbled over, it is generating millions of dollars from sports betting revenues.

Some bookies have been shut down, but legislating being a thorny issues, things vary from one state to the next.  And fantasy sports are not what may be considered the preserve of sports bookies. Instead, there are a handful of bookies that specialize in bringing the most tantalizing offers to you.

The Top Betting Sites USA Feature Esports

It has been the year of electronic sports, collectively known as eSports. Surprisingly or not, the top betting sites in the USA have taken kindly to this new phenomenon, quickly putting together whole sections on their websites where fans of digital carnages may freely wager on the outcome of sorcerers turning enemies into a smoking pair of shoes. 

Guy playing poker
Most sportsbooks now offer Esports as their own thing. In-play and promotions oftentimes come first.

There is a lot to learn about video games and wagering on what teams wins in the digitalised clashes, but at least there is something to appeal to everyone. Your logical thinkers will rival in highly-competitive real-time strategies titles such as StarCraft II and WarCraft III, whereas those of a military turn of mind may enjoy a realistic black-ops scenarios unfold in a match of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO).

A Great Carousal – Welcome Offers

Nearly every sportsbookie out there will try to nail its users with the promise of a welcome offer, which most often comes as a matched bonus. In other words, your bookie will offer to match your first deposit, as long as you are a first-time user on the website.

Some bookies offer separate welcome bonuses for new users who register both at the mobile and desktop iterations of a bookie, and even better – you may use both. Surely, there is the heft of wagering requirements to be considered after all, but it is all the same a great way to start kicking backside in the realm of sports betting.  More offers are readily available if you care to take a look.

Concisely About The Sports Betting Sites Of The USA

Authority in the United States, on occasion, comes down hard on online sports betting. But be that as it may, there is a growing support for the segment, both from traditional sports, which have long been sworn opponents of this phenomena, as well as proponents of eSports and Daily Fantasy Sports who just want to squeeze out a few drips of extra enjoyment out of spectating their game.

Even though there are a few caveats to observe, and a betting framework that is constantly changing, turning a profit in the moving and interesting world of US sports betting proves not too difficult a feat after all. Check out Top Rated Online Bookmakers to read another article about bookies.